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Internet relationship

Would you like to meet your internet friend in real life after a year of internet talking?Have you had such experience?



In fact it is beautiful to have such relation.Yet it needs mutual understanding and honesty in order to succedd.I have been through it, but it did not end the happy ending.

It really nice to have friends online and I would be happy to meet one of them someday.. It's either I will go to their place or they will come here. I met my online friend for 2 years or 3 which is from chicago a year ago and now we will meet again on June.. It was really fun..

Wow it's really good)you went to his place first?

I didn't even have a similar experience....if it happened and if the person is available, i would search to organize the meeting


I got to know a bunch of friends from playing online games.  After about 2 or 3 years, we decided to all meet up and hang out together as real friends for once.  It ended up being a lot of fun and everyone became a lot closer.  We enjoyed it so much that we do it every year.

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