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what do you think about relationship between two people live in a diferrent place?

i wanna konw what's your opinion about 2 people live in a dierent place but in the same country like two cities 7 hours between them and also they engaged but i think it's tough to live like that by the way it's me and my fiance 



I actually rent a room in a same house with two adults that live to work quite far away from their family, but within the same country. Let say Mr. D is in his late forty, have some kids and a wife that live in different island. I noticed that almost everyday either him or his wife called each other by phone to talks about their days or whatever; and sometimes when he got the chance, he'll visit his family for couple days.

Then there is Mr. W, a quiet 30-something dad that has a little kid and wife in a different town, I rarely heard him, if ever, contact his wife; but every Friday he came to our place early from work, then just set off back by train to his family until Monday. He has been doing that constantly each week and on holidays. So, after that tiny bit of observation, I think the key here is constant communication, no matter how far you guys are, by whatever mediums available.

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