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What do you think is going on in Syria ?

What do you think is going on in Syria ?

How do you think problem will be finished there ?





sorry "asdas" doesn't mean anything just it was typing mistake

Well, just everything going on over there isn't fair at all.

I'm originaly from Iraq, and i know the exact pain they are going through right now. These wars need to end already, this world is a total mess.

May God protect all the countries that are going through the same thing right now. 

hope that too

I had Syrian internet friend. We often talked but she disappeared. Then I got a news it is like Isarel
does this time. I realized she was in tense situation. I dont know what to do I dont know there very much.
We just talke something as usual. I miss her..



The Syrian Civil War is, indeed, very sad.  Here are some ideas that I have learned here in the United States:


1. Most Americans feel VERY sorry for all the suffering people in Syria. People on both sides are suffering very much.


2. Most Americans do NOT want to send American soldiers to Syria.  Americans spent 10 years in Iraq. So most Americans do not want to  interfere in another Arab country.


3. Many Americans are afraid that if the present Syrian government is forced to leave, then maybe the next government will be  even worse!


4. Some Americans feel that the only solution is for the United States, Russia, and China to work together to bring about a peaceful solution. Some kind of government is necessary so that EVERY religious group in Syria is treated fairly and respectfully.


5. I think that most people hope that the president of Syria will agree to leave the country. Then maybe it will be easier for all the religious groups to work together in order to build a new Syria.


6. The Civil War is really sad, for I have read that Syria is a very beautiful country and that it is country where different religious groups have been able to live together in peace (although it is true, I hear, that the majority religious group has faced discrimination in getting good jobs and work in the government). Maybe a new Syria will treat all citizens equally.

Thanks a lot Mr.James
by the way we don't want to see american army in syria too , what syrians want weapons, don't give it to us , sale it to us , Or at least just stop russian aid Russian to government ,yep in syria we don't care about what's your religion , we said "whatever is your religion , be good man "

thanks again

Thank you, Omar, for your reply.


I have heard on the news this morning that an American official is now in Moscow. Maybe if the United States treats the Russian leaders with great respect, they will help to find a peaceful solution to the suffering in your country.


Then all the people in Syria will be able to smile and laugh once again.



Best of luck.


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