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what you want tobe and what you are now ?

  when we were children ,we wanted to be teacher ,doctor ,pianter,pianist....and so on

but ,there,today,whats your job ?are you happy everyday with your job ?



ok,me fist.when i was a little girl ,i wanted to be a traveller,because i  like different views from country to country.but now ,i am medicial student...

Virtually I am still a senior student in the university. I was once eager to be an academic in the university in the future. After a talk with my tutor, I am irresolute as my tutor quite agree with my decision. She thought academic atmosphere is impetuous as many scholars focus on his or her own research project, but not on teaching. The consequence is teachers in the university will not pay too much attention to improve his or her skills. The problem lied in front of them is money as their salary in the university is quite low compared with other industries.

This is quite different with my expecation. At the same time, it usually cost me a long time to get a qualification of Phd.

Maybe I will go into a company after graduation.

I wanted to be a Bowed as world lancer at first,when I was a kid. In high school,I perticipated in a boxing club,but quited at once. I work as an accountant now after all, because I longed for one senior in Univ. There are sometimes more tough situations than I expected,but I'm happy.


what so ever i am now... i don't care

but i love the feeling of becoming virtual doctor or engineer

I am who i am :P


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