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Questions about the Genesis

I am readingthe first part of Bible now ,the Genesis,i have many confusions during myn reading .does anyone have answers?

1.why there is such a long family tree,why introduce so many names ?

2.why they lived a such a long life,most of them survied nearly 900years  ? 

3.Are there any differences between the first world God built and the second Nerywheroah developed ?

I mean there are still evils everywhere....




hey :)
I will try to answer to your question.
(sorry, if i make mistakes in english :P)


1. the end of the genealogy in Bible, is written, that...
from Abraham to David is 14 generations,
and from David to resettlement of Babylon - is 14 generations,
and from resettlement of Babylon to Christ - is 14 generatiions too :)
hmm they are want present generations of Jesus,
and present, that it wasn't random.

2. i dont know why too, if i find out sth about it i will write ;)

3. Waht is "Nerywheroah"? what do you mean? ;>

and yes, I'm sure that devil, and all evils are everythere, I'm sure that devil will still try to move us to worse, bad side...

I believe Justyna has answerred question one adequately. With question two, people lived so long because it wasn't God's orginal plan for man to die at all. But since Adam and eve ate from the fruit that introduced death into mankind, but God's spirit was still always with man so humans lived a lot longer. However after the wickedness in the days of Noah which led God to flood the earth, God said this:


Genesis 6:3And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.


So here we see God shortening the life cap of man so to speak.


And to answer question three I believe you mean this: Are there any differences between the first world God built and the second that Noah developed ?


Well God did not build to earths, he only made the one, he just wiped out mankind and most animals out with a flood... And no there is no difference in terms of evil, man is still in the same evil state. Instead of wiping out people again like he did in Noah's day though, He sent His Son Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for sin, that whosoever believes in Him will be free from sin and so there is an opportunity to be rid of evil and have sins forgiven in Jesus, which is God's plan for mankind. And He has appointed a day when He will finally judge the world and those that did not believe in Jesus and repent for their evil.


Hope I have helped.

Thank you all, guys, I believe it is an open question, so there is no final answer. It is so glad to know your wonderful opinions.  Justyna has a strong opinion on Question 1 ( Infact  I do think it is the original idea of Bible).  Johnni gives convincing opinions on Q2 & Q3.  RobBob gives a broader view to understand this issue .

I will continue reading. Thank you all again, I really appreciate your help .

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