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Kalimera, greek question

Hey there!

A new question for you guys to answer if you are intrested in Greece...

What do you think about the greek economic and why?




I like Greece. I think Greek language is so beautiful as difficult. Can you answer 2-3 my questions about Greece and Greek?
1) I wanna know meanning of this names: Περσεύς & Ὠρίων (names of heroes from Greek mythology. I want to know theirs meanings)
2) What historical places you recommend to visit?



1) Περσεύς means : Ravager . for more information you may look here:

and here:

Ωρίων: maybe it means "heavens light". Scholars are not sure about the etymology of the name, so I cannot say much. for more information :

2) If you're interested in ancient Greek history , I think that the cities of Athens , Delphi and the island of Crete are a good choice for you to start.


As far as concerns Greek economy, I think it is a huge subject to discuss here.


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