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Russian Reading

I would like to read something  which is in Russian and easy for beginners!




Me too! I hope some beautiful, kind Russian teacher will help us :-)


If you want to read good fiction, then take any of the Russian Classics. Alexander Pushkin, Aleksei Tolstoy, Shukshin and many others. Start with stories oriented for children since they are easier to understand (obviously). Russian writers also use a lot of idioms, so it would be best to find a special edition with editor's commentary.

Any good  site on Internet?


You can find a lot of russian books on

I can recommend to try Russian folk fairy tails and "Повести Белкина" by Pushkin (А.С. Пушкин)

Thanks for your help!

Try "Денискины рассказы". It's a children's book, but it may be considered a plus when you are a beginner. Also don't be afraid to read familiar books translated into Russian. Some of the books which I liked most were the translated ones. The books translated during the Soviet times, certainly sound different from the original, sometimes very good, and are a literary work on par with original Russian books.

Hi, Thomas! Try to watch Soviet cartoons with English subtitles. ( part 1) ( part 2)


I think, simplest way is to read in Russian book you have read earlier in English. 

Tanya, спасибо за мультики. Хорошая идея! Теперь я могу русский и английский язык вместе учить. :)


Vitaly, "Денискины рассказы" is a funny children's book. I like it. :D

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