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Why do men hide their feelings? Isn´t better to say what you feel because life is short? I don´t think all men are insecure or frustrated, so how come?What do you think about it?



That may be the case of no-feeling-at-all. Without any hiding. 

I think they are too proud .

I agree with Moty Taheri because I refer to those men who really have feelings for someone but do not recognize it. I am not talking about my own experience but I have noticed that men do that more than womens do! So me too I think they´re too proud and maybe they think it makes them weaker if they confess! ;)


Yes, confessing feelings can make a man feel weak and vulnerable. I often feel uncomfortable talking about my feelings, especially very deep feelings.

Great discussions. Pity I can add no more valuable comments. 

A man who is not willing to share his feeling may lack courage to speak out. Men are not always good at communication with verbal language instead of body language . Some of them were not trained well during their school age , besides , the stress of current working is too prominent to tolerate . they are highly suppressed to keep mute in some controversial issues .

I am every sure confessing feelings can make a man feel weak and vulnerable for people with introvert personality. but if you can look to the opposite , you would find it is very easy to tell inside story about you when you are modest and frank enough. besides , take it easy and you can get more from your reflex and others' response.

For me , that is ideal not reality , to say is one thing , to do is another . 

Thanks guys for your honesty, especially to you Tom! :)

Maybe men hide their feelings just want to  make things better .

I always thinking men are special creatures, they do not think in the same way like women.

simply because they don't have feeling to share, and even if they have some, they try to hide them so as not to appear weak. I'm saying that because I'm a man, and that's what I feel!!!

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