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Human Never feel Enough

as a human i feel never enough. Example i got 10gold/day and i will think i want 20gold/day and day by day i will think again i want 30gold/day and thinking again and again never feel enough.


are you ever feel this guys?


because that i be grateful after getting everything what i need

so i will never think i want more and more because never feel enough



It's simple. In nature there is never 'enough'. Because if there is too much food, there will be too many offspring to contest for it. But most of the time there is not enough food. So each animal tries to eat as much as it can, when it finds some food. Humans inherited a lot of instincts from animals, and this one you mentioned is one of them. Of course, as with any instinct, not every person is affected by it in the same way and to the same degree.

yaps, you right


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