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i love bigbang

I'm chinese and i love bigbang.i come here want to make penfriends if you can speak english then we can chat.hehe~~  



 you  know bigbang?  i don't know how to descrip the feeling.  But i am a really vip hehe(*^__^*) 

yeah sure i came here to make penfriends too and are you learning english or chinese?

i love BigBang too and i'm in Love with GD but i'm not a VIP i'am a SONE ^^ NICE TO MEET YOU vip-橘子

Girls' Generation?  nice to meet you

Hi ~ so you love K-POP.

That's nice.

Meeting KPOPpers here. :))

Bangawaoyo ^^,

I don't know big bang.

it's ok hehe。 bigbang is a famous male group in korea

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