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What are your top pet hates?

Hi folk, :)

I'm curious about to know what are your top pet hates.

Mine, is get into the bathroom and then there is no toilet paper  ☻




The term is "pet peeves", at least here. Um...clothes that don't fit well.

for me it's when i get nothing to eat while i'm too hangry

Thank you all

Seem familiar to me, Alex: I hate when I finally find a dress I like, but then, I look in the mirror and realize it's baggy or too small :(

mine is when i want to write my lecture in english but at the end of my writing i realize that all of my writing is in persion  Oops

My pet peeve is rude people who get on the bus and immediately sit down in the aisle seat even though the window seat is empty.


Well-mannered people would sit in the window seat, thus leaving the aisle seat available for another passenger.


Many people nowadays -- young AND old -- think only about themselves. It's me, me, me!


Good manners are very rare -- in every country, including mine.

Hi, it is very interesting to read the words ''pet peeve'' I see it must be an American term, it is something that I have never come across here in the UK.


I hate to see dog poo on the pavement, and want infuriates me is when dog owners let their dogs do this.


Also I hate when people to not drive around a roundabout correctly and when they do not use their indicators. 

Sorry I forgot to say that here in the UK, we would use ''pet hates'' as you have used in the title.


Thanks plsdeluno to clarify it¡¡ You've been so much of help, as always¡¡ ☺

There are several differences between UK English and US English. I must learn both dialects, but also I should learn to diferentiate between the two.


I am also bewildered by the people who lets his dog poo on the pavement. It's disgusting and smelly .

Thanks for your participation.



For me is squeezing in a crowed bus..........

for me, is to lose the one who I really love.

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