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Hello everyone.....Let s discuss the following. Do you think that money always makes people happy? 



First  naswer coming to mind is that no...but to be frank in my country, money can make you happy most of the time, you would experience less stress and it causes you to be happier...I wish it wasnt like that but this is the truth, no matter how hard it is...

no deffently not people shouldnt just rely on money to make them happy!!!

I think money solve any problem nowadays,,,unfortunately it s a fact,,Money gives a man power, authority and self confidence,,,Man can t even go to the doctor without having enough money... I am realistic and  can add to all these, that one can bye evan love with happy,,,,,I wish it wouldn t be true,,,

money can't make you happy, it's dead object. it can't move. so it doesn't give you anything to make you happy. But trading tool such us gold, may give you a temporary happiness. Family work better than gold ad money. They give you such an long-life happiness and i make an underscore : family can be everyone not always from your blood-line.

it`s nice to hear this kind of comments,,,,,,,,,,,,and it` s very interesting to know what people of different nationalities think over  this topic,,,thank you

We are living in a material my answer must be can makes people happy

Thanks to be honest ,,,,,this is a material world, and u r right titus

Personally, money is not the root cause of happiness. But we need money in reality. It is ok as long as you feel happy no matter whether you have much money or not.

Hello ann

It may allow you a better life....But in the life there isn't only the money....It affects more the family and the friendships 

HI gaetano i agree with your comment,,,,thanks


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