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im just learning in year 7 and i kinda need some one that can talk to me through this discussion thing please!

apa kabar, pak




Hi, i'm from Indonesia too

feel free ask


hi, is there anything I can help? :D

ok thanks everyone, i just will ask for help when my dad cant help me since he is balinese

Nice to know you.... if you need any help, just ask ^^.... 

apa kabar... mohon kerjasamanya.

If can help you too to learn Indonesian :)\


ok,i'm Indonesian.
pleas,don't hesitate to ask to me.
apa kabar?=kabar saya baik. 

I mean, I can help you too.

I'm Indonesian and I'm pleasure to help you,

indonesians people very frendly, right?


what does it means kinda? :)

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