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what do you do when your having a huge party and the one person you hate the most is sucking up to you to come

im not sure what to do and i dont want to hurt he feelings about it???



do nothing.

just stay on your own

ok, thanks but she is sensertive

just invite she if she really want to come.considering its a huge party,it may not be many chances to talk to her. she can sense your ignorance and won't bother you anymore.^^it may also hurt,but she will notice your dislike oneday,whatever.


It is really disturbing and disgusting , but i advise you not to be implicated by his/her behavior at all . You never get upset for a person who you do not like as that guy is nothing with you . I used to be upset or bothered by such a nuisance , but rather I convert my thinking : why should I feel frustrated by such a clown ? and after that  , I begin to enjoy my social activity without thinking of that clown as I can.

it's okey,,, just look like normal,,, just thinking about easy,,, and you know felling bad or unhappy is depend of you,,, very sad if that felling or happines controling from outside. you must controling your felling,,,

hehe, you can say to him with smile:" i am sorry , i am busy!".

then he will know what you mean.


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