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Are you happy in this material world? I think this world is full of sufferings.



it depends how you see the "world", i say this world such a beautiful home, it gives me oxigen to breath, food to eat, place to rest. And this "humanly world" makes me think that i should leave the city to feel the fresh air.

Some of which exist in your country. There are sweatshops and ship-breaking yards there, and I think I remember an earthquake there a few years ago. These things happen everywhere though. Your question should be maybe, "are you happy in this world of materialistic values". The way you worded "material world" makes me think of referring to the physical world of mass as opposed to a "spiritual" or metaphysical realm (if one believes in this). I guess anyway. At the very least, from a "materialistic" perspective, it sounds like you're talking about the world of physical matter as opposed to energy, time, or dimension.

But what do you think of this statement: "In general, the people who enact the most positive change in the world are people who tend to be positive."

but full of sufferings doesn't mean give up of being or living happy

The only good thing you get in this world is something that people give/do to each other. If you did good to somebody, if you fulfilled their dream, then you added to the happiness in this world. If you didn't do it, there is no happiness. It's very simple! If only people could understand it, they would once wake up in a world of joy and happiness.

No one will stay in this world forever, Life in this world is mortal, What will we do we will face at the day of ressurection, Life is hard here because this world is for our test.

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