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Why I hate the phrase "а successful person".

It looks like the world is crazy about the idea of being a successful person. What does it mean?

I can understand what it is  when it concerns some business, project, plans, goals or something  like that. But how can I use the same approach to a person? Or how can I say this about myself? The only thing that I can say is that sometimes I am successful in a particular area or in a particular business, i.e. I managed to do or change something inside or outside so that for example, people around and I became happier, the enviroment became cleaner, etc, etc. Next time I failed to do like this, or I thought I did, but later it turned out to be a mistake or it had an opposite effect. Sometimes I learn from my negative experience, sometimes I do not. Life is a process, a gift, a miracle, not a competition with the award which has a title I AM A SUCCESSFUL PERSON, THANK GOD.





i like that

It's an instinct to gather around the lucky ones. For example, if you are a lucky hunter, you will suddenly discover you have a lot of friends who want a share of your game. People who do not follow this instinct may tend to understand the term 'successful' too literally in this context.

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