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Zdravo or Djesi?

My partner, who's from Bosnia, says they don't use Zdravo but Djesi.
When I ask he can't realy explain why. I've been starting to learn some bosnian right now.

How do I know wich one of theese I should use?




Zdravo is hello, hi

Đesi is idiom; Gdje si? (Where are you?) 

You can also use:  Zdravo, Ćao, Dobro jutro, Dobar dan, Dobro večer, Kako si?



Both are correct. 

Just "zdravo" is  "hello" 

Đesi is idiom: Gdje si (Where are you)

You use it to express a great joy that you feel because you have just met some person. 


You can also say: Ćao - informal (hi and bye), dobro jutro  - good morning, dobar dan - good afternoon, dobro večer - good evening. 

Kako si? - How are you? --- Questions

Possible answers are: 

Dobro sam - I am fine

Evo, nije loše - Well, I am so so (in the sense: I am ok, I am not bad)

Nisam dobro  - I am not fine


If you have any futher questions, please, feel free to ask me and I will be so glad to help you.

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