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what`s your job?

well,what`s your job?do you like it?




I'm Social Media Analyst, and I love my job!

And you? What do you do? =)

I'm not sure. I'm a colloge studetnt. but I don't know how to determine the direction of occupationou

you know there's too many job you want do. you want to get everything,though I know it's impossible

I'm a manicurist.

I am a Delivery, I hate my life, I blew my life.

A job is just a mean to pay bills. You better ask : what is your passion (or just hobby)?

Fishing & free diving!

i am an engineer,not that much


I am a virtual assistant.. i love it it depends on the situation.

I´m a lawyer and I love it. I have passion for what I do.

im a killer and i like it if i reach u will kill be careful dear

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