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What is the most hurting words you got from your ex?


Actually I dont't really remember what it was because it was too cruel, painful and awful. It was deleted from my memories automatically hahaha. Can you share with me?



I've never been in relationship yet.

But the most cruel treatment I ever got from someone who I once was in good relationship was complete silence. That person disowned me and did not say a single word. It was as if I didn't exist in that person's eyes.

words? hhhmmm,, she cheated me for 3 times, LOL...,, and i just said, let's took our own way....bye

I haven´t experimented this feeling because I was who broke up with my ex girlfriend, I said to her that she deserve a better person than I because I didn´t love her the way she did. I felt only friendship feelings about her but she loved me. I knew that it was unfair with her. she is a great person, I told her "I apologize that i can not give you what you deserve so I think the best we can do is continuing as friends only" She kept loving me for much time, but a few years later she found a person whom she got married.  

In my opinion the most horrible word is "go away", "disappears" because  you don't expect that the person you love treats you  without regard to your feelings

I think the most hurting word that i got from my ex is, "I can't accept you back to my life anymore". Whereas you're still loving her, although you were ever hurted with her.


To me, the most hurtful words are the ones that aren't said.  In fact, they're the words I'll never hear.  It's the words that we say to ourselves and never tell anyone else that slowly drive us apart.  If we never share these words, those desires will ultimately take form as terrible surprises which lead to anger and sorrow.  The greatest pain is not knowing: no reason, no response, no chance.


A lack of words can hurt you more than words can.

She did not trust me. hahaha

i hate one person,he get together with another girl during  we are in love.after i know about that,i leave them by myself and never speak to him again.he call me and told me,he love both of us,but i said nothing.

Someone questioned my profession seriously and intentionally about 1 year ago . Someone seems nothing at all , however i felt frustrated utterly. 

"I just on longer love you any more! There is no reason!!!"


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