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What has been the best method for you to learn a foreign language?

Rosetta Stone, Formal classes, Flash cards, Skype, study groups, books, audio, italki, what's worked best for you?



Flash cards - certainly no, Skype was non-existent in those times, study groups - a good idea, but only if there is a native speaker/qualified tutor in the group, audio - nice, Rosetta Stone - not bad for concrete nouns and basic verbs of motion/action. For me the tools that worked were a monolingual explanatory dictionary and extended immersion in original texts and audio. I noticed that as soon as you cross a threshold of the amount of info you get in a foregin language, the brain switches to the 'language acquisition mode', and you start to memorize things faster. But if you study a language as a set of facts, your capabilities are very limited. But I am sure that some people who like to collect trivia and have 'big' memory, may benefit from simple memorization of rules and facts.

I believe that if you want to make the first contact with the language Roseta is a good choice.

My introduction to Russian was It's awesome. 100 free interactive lessons with tons of audio throughout. I don't think I'd be where I am with Russian without it. Let me know what you think.


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What helps me to study english most:

1) Cambridge English Grammar

2) Italki

3) Skype-communication with native speakers

Also, I like watching films in english on - you may sign up on this site, it's the greater social web in Russia, you may find out lots of russian movies there and many groups about russian language. But, in general, I perfer to learn foreign language by all these methods. Hope it helps.

i think if you want to learn native language,the best way is go to the native Country,you can learn the language faster.

only two words: Foreign friends.


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