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what are you think about Chinese education?



i think it 's fail,because teacher or parents very care performance,and don't care what's your need

Chines education  have wasted too much time in rote learning which cannot give our society too much value..  In my opinions, they have to divide students into skillful workers and scholars during their puberty and try to find students' real inspiration as early as possible something like Germany and some other European countries . Rote learning cannot create or nourish a magnificent scientist to make a progression in science.  


Without advanced concept of education  , we cannot make any prominent progress in the future society.

Direct show students a fixed answer, seldom tell them why and how.

one word, sick!

Chinese education does produce smarter students, American educated students cannot compete.
American education though does allow room for extracurricular activies which I consider a plus compared to Chinese education.

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