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i found that Russia girls always very pretty, however,after they got married, they become so fat..i wonder why



Not only women in Russia , but also women all over the world. It is pretty universal phenomenon.

Look to the bright side , You may regard these married women are happier and relaxed than they before marriage . regardless of heath factor , obese women indicate they have comfortable life . I really believe they will get far happier following their babies born and raised other than their husbands.

I come form Ukraine and I must say you are right but this tendency is connected with necessity to give birth to at least two children for an average family. According to specialists a woman needs a minimum of 17 percent body fat for normal ovulation .

A russian wife has 3 years to fully dedicate herself to bringing up children and this process takes all her time which other ladies can spend on career making, beauty saloons or yoga lessons (especially if their partners are able to support them financially):)

Some girl shares her experience of living in China

"...Chinese definition of beauty seems so strange to me. First of all, a true Beauty must be thin…The next requirement would be… that you be white… yeah.. I know white … the whiter the better… In China if your skin is sun-kissed.. then you won’t be man-kissed.

And the last requirement  is Big Eyes…

Every woman is beautiful, in her own way. No matter if you are fat or thin, white or black, or big eyed or small eyed… the beauty is within. Because it has been proven time and time again… that just because a woman is beautiful  outside does not mean she is beautiful  inside.

Standards of beauty in any society change all the time."

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Hahaha! This conversation is funny! I'll tell you why, because they have more sex when they are single than married! lol

I knew the same thing....but after the women are married, they become heavy and unsupportable...I am joking....hahaha

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