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How to make a man who lost his lover happier?

I have a friend and he lost his loving one. Actually the girl he loves is alive. they just broke the relationship. How can I make him happier? what can I say to help him?



Try to spend more time with him! Go to the gym, go to the movie together. Don't let him to think, to tell about her. Just imagine his ex-girlfriend is closed topic for you and your friend. 

time teach him everything.. he will manage after sometime.. slowly-2 all the movements will become foggy.. and a time will come when he you totally control your heart feelings. my friend this is a tough time for him your just help him and support. and tell him one thing " life never stop for someone just moveon he will found someone special" god has made a soul partner for him and he will found her when time will come :)  and do one thing 4 him from my side.. hug him and tell "all izz well" :)

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