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Do you think E-books will replace paperback books some day?

Technology bring us convenience. E-books are widespread.


Do you think E-books will replace paperback books some day?



No, I don't think so, I guesse always paperback books will stay at the top, because I hate using E-books

There's a possibility. But we'll never know the future.

Well, I hope so. That could save many trees in the rainforests.

And with an E-book reader you can easily carry up to 500-1000 E-books at once.

No  because of three reasons

1) There are people who cannot afford a device to read e-books on. Most e-book readers use some type of device made for e-book reading; rarely do people use their computer to read a book leisurely while in bed.

2) People like a physical book rather than a e-book

3)They dont want to buy the devices.

i don't think so 
people more like  turn the page of books than touch e-books. 

E-books and paper books are lke instant coffee and real coffee. E-books and instant coffee are ersatz.

Gourmets prefer real coffee and real books.

Hey guys me again.


As I said e-books are saving and would save a lot more trees if we would all go with the innovations of the 21st century.


E-book readers are also very affordable nowadays I got mine for just $20 and correct me if I'm wrong but I guess this is cheaper than a paper book.

There are many great e-books wich are available for free (e.g. Shakespeare).

And the main reason for switching to an e-book is that they're most often cheaper than "real books" as you call it.


But hey that's just my personal opinion. So no offense.


I thought they would when they first came out, but now I'm not so sure.  I find that I use both but I use them differently.  For my studying I frequently write in books, annotate the margins and highlight passages of interest.  Then I can flick through the book easily to find a section I need.  


I have tried the same thing in ebooks and have found that I can highlight words and insert notes but these notes are behind the text.  Its also much more difficult to flick through an ebook quickly to find a section.  For standard  novels that I'm just reading for fun ebooks are great if they don't have too many pictures: for example novels are good, recipe books need to be in physical form.  

Another problem with ebook readers is they hurt more when you fall asleep reading them and drop them on your face!

E-books will make more people wear glasses.

I love my bookcase full of paper books.

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