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Take a bath or shower in ur country

Dear friends. . 

hey, i have a new subject to discuss. Well, it is about a culture in our country. Not important thing but i thing nice to know it. :)
In indonesia we usually take a bath twice a day. how about in your country?
thanks for sharing :) 



dear andrew. .
nice, which contry do u live in? 

Oao! How often! :) Iguess you need it since it so hot in indonesia.


Me on the other hand shower/bathe every second day or so. I'm from sweden. But I know several who shower once everyday and some who shower only once or twice every week.


So it's not that big of a deal when you shower in my culture.

Interesting question though!

Dear freya. . .
wow great!! sweden must be so cold :)
thanks for sharing. 

dear K.K

bcs indonesia is a tropical country so, really hot here. :)

thanks for sharing. . where do you live? 

Hi there :) Here in the US most adults and teenagers take a shower daily. Some people take two showers. Usually children take baths but adults do too sometimes.

dear K.K
yes we have A/C. but out of buildings and houses it is always hot. . . so still we need twice a day hehe26. . :)
thanks for replying 

hey seanathon. . 

Nice to know it :)
my friend came back from arizona, the first thing i asked was how many times he did shower. then he said once or twice a week. . . my friend said he like it, not that hot in arizona. . :)

thanks for replying.

here in argentina, we usually have a shower once a day, but if its a hot day, we could bath twice. :) 

Dear juliana,
seems argentina has the same wether with indonesia. . :)
brazil is a tropical country, how about argentina?


thanks for sharing :) 

heh,we take a bath once a day or once two days,that depend on the season,if the weather is hot i will shower once a day,if the weather is code,i will shower once two days,but it just my custom,not our country culture,China is so large,different palce have different culture.

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