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Which country do you like most?

Finland is my love.

This country is so beautiful and comfortable.

And Lapland take my breath away!

Another important thing is Finland have metal music~

my favourite band---Nightwish is from Finland~




I more like self country beacouse it took me what i'm need this enugh for me. ;-)

I prefer japan . The street is very clean and people are lawful and orderly.  They have responsibility and honesty in general. 


hello :)


China! 'cause it will be the most powerful country in the World in the next decade)) 

Scandinavia countries are my favourite, culture and music like metal music from Scandinavia



I have never left the United States during my 76 years of life, but I have read how wonderful those northern European countries (such as Finland) are.


According to what I have seen on TV, Finland is, indeed, a beautiful  and peaceful country.


I am very happy that you have the opportunity to live there.

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