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Do Chinese like foreign tourists who cannot speak Chinese?


Do Chinese like foreign tourists who cannot speak Chinese?




Why not ? Sure,Chinese is very hospitality....and very freindly and helpful. Welcom to China and Welcom to Beijing for business or sightseeing... any questiones please contact me , i'd like answer your any questions.

/Wen Li

Whenever I'm overseas I'm always paranoid that everyone hates me for not knowing the local language haha. But I've found that everyone is 'content' to speak in English, since that's what they're used to with foreigners.

It was the same in China. Virtually every market stall was content to speak English because (I'm guessing) that's what they were used to. Of course, I can only judge from the people who were used to interacting with foreigners. Unlike any other country I had been to, in China I had a lot of youth approach me for the sole purpose of practicing their English,

While I was there I had only learned a few words and phrases of Chinese, and the reaction was always happy surprise that normally arrogant English speakers were trying to speak the language! I found they were always very patient, and I  remember one elderly lady (with no English) sitting next to me to help me after she heard me say 谢谢.

If I had continued to study Chinese after I returned instead of waiting until now I'd be a lot better than I am!

You might find in smaller, more remote cities and rural areas that people might stare at you. Don't take this as rudeness, they're just interested in you.

In Shanghai and other big cities, you're just another person.
Be careful of taxi drivers, they can cheat foreigners who don't know what's reasonable.

Some people may try to take advantage of your lack of local knowledge (same goes basically anywhere in the world I guess)


The first time I went to China (to Chengdu), I had a great time playing snooker and ping pong in a games room without knowing a word of Chinese.


We are friendly to foreign tourists. But most of us are good at writing or reading not speaking in English.


do australian like foreign tourists who cant speak australian english, or cant even speak basic english...

i think most of people just curious about foreign tourists, but we would love to see more foreigners can come to china, if i come across you ,i would be happy to help you and take you for a trip and try delicious food~so don't worry about that

There are many foreign tourists who cannot speak Chinese in China every year


In my experience yes. Many Chinese people are learning English and want to practice their English with you. I was asked to go and have tea with people a number of times when I visited Shanghai because they wanted a chance to speak English. People are curious about foreigners but they are nice about it. I once had a group of people gather to watch me eat because I could use chopsticks so well!!!

We  like every foreign tourists who cannot speak Chinese. And our purpose is not just to practise English. We also like to make friends with foreigners~!

you don't have to worry about your Chinese as you are utterly a foreign tourist. They would like to help you , however if you want to live in china for a long time . I suggest you must practice your Chinese as much as possible.

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