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Chinese name


Is 苏力 a good chinese name? - I done some chinese classes and the teacher gave me this name.




Su(1st tone) is because she was born in Suzhou and li(4th tone) which means strength. It all sounds good to me but how does it sound to the majority of Chinese? - Is it just a normal sort of name?

I think is sounds good! It is a good Chinese name if they have their own meanings~! And wish you like it!

...I never met a 苏力 before,it's very special ..why don't you make a name by yourself?

力 is a very simple chinese character and apt to write it down .  In china as far as I know , 2 words as a full name is barely seen recently . I advise you might  have another strong self name (字) which is often named by yourself . I think these 2 words can show your stature 景伟 which indicates visionary and magnificent .


IT IS MY PERSONAL OPINION . just take a look 

it's cool.

what about 苏自力。 “自力” mean a independant person who has strength and fortitude.

I think 苏力 is good


I think it's a good name! Simple but special.

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