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Do you know CouchSurfing ?

My foreign teacher is extremely love CouchSurfing and he always mention about it . But I have no idea about it . Do you guys know ?




In Indonesia, there are a lot of surfing coaches.

Is it really interesting?

I know a couple who have hosted couchsurfers. There's a website with more information:

Wow, I haven´t known about Coachsurfing, It is a new word for me but I already understand what it means. I think it is a little dangerous. I would be afraid of hosting a person who I didn´t know before face to face. Also I would be afraid of arrive in a unknown people house in other country

This is a documentary made about couchsurfing:

I like CS so much...I hosted more than 100people but this year I´m living far away from the centre of the city...however I take CSers to see bullfighting and flamenco perfomance and I try to show the city for spanish people not for tourist...that´s the mistery of CS...they can feel the city exactly the same than us...

couch surfing is subject sport, if you are love sport or you living near beach, you can see. in my country, i don`t see this subject sport, but in the world, it is very famous, and many people play.


I am on couchsurfing, and the truth is you do not need a couch. ;) There's no obligation to host people, nor stay at anyone's place.  I use the site to find people in the same area to socialise, or just ask questions about local things. It's worth learning more about it.



Until I read your post, I had never heard of couch (sofa) surfing in my 76 years of life.


After reading all the posts, I now have a new term for my vocabulary.


I suggest, however, that you NOT participate in this kind of activity.


There are  a lot of bad people in this world.


Couch surfing is much too dangerous.

 Thank you and your responses. Seems that it is not so good ...... I thought it's a amazing thing

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