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I need to learn Dutch


Hello everyone,


I want to learn Dutch  via discussions on skype or text messages.i give Enlgish,Spanish or French at a very high level for anywone willing to help me with Dutch;I am a teacher with over 4 years of experience



Hi! I can help you with your Dutch. I'm a native speaker. Let me know how I can help!

I would be happy to help you, i love teaching my language and i will not go too fast for you. Just let me know how you want to comunicate!

Feel free to contact me.

I'm interested in Learning French as well as Spanish.


Hi Maria Luiza, ik kan je helpen met Nederlands, pourrions-nous parler français / hollandais?

unfortunately I don't speak Dutch but hope you gonna find someone who can help :)

Hallo, I' m a native speaker. Maybe I can help you.   Feel free to contact me. Perhaps you can help me with the French language.

Ik ben Duitse en leer ook Nederlands. Wij kunnen graag “messages” op Nederlands wisselen of skypen.

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