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Learning Chinese



I need to learn step by step the mandarin Chinese with a partner who wants to start with Arabic or French, we can do help each others step by step with a plan on skype or on qq.

I do prefer to learn step by step with someone serious and fun. Not for Chat :)




i no nothing of Arabic or French,but i am interested in them,i can help you with Chinese,my skype is ella123167,you can add me


Thanks Ella, I am going to add you on skype and hope we talk.


Can you teach me English
I can teach you Chinese  



Hello Tell, I am not that good in English, I only can communicate with the others, and sometimes I confuse some sounds with french ones. Regards

hello,je suis une chinoise qui  en train de apprendre le francais. vous  pouvez exchanger les knowledges des langes avec moi? vous  pouvez choisir une passage chinoise et je le lis pour vous sur qq, et une passage francaise est aussi? ou on choisir un petit sujet pour discuss (each other)?

my qq is 1223518582. regards!

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