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Do you like facebook or you consider it wasting time?



Well, I don't like facebook because of it's privacy policy it states that all the content (pictures, videos, etc.) you upload are owned by facebook. That means they can take your pictures and run an advertising campaign with it without asking you for permission and, of course, you won't get any money.

But that's only my point of view.

I don't answer to anyone about my time spent on FB, which I don't consider useless or wasted. My time is my own! Ha!

i use facebook to chat with my foreign friends,i almost like the qq in China,i think it's ok

Facebook is just convenient! I wouldn't call it a waste of time but a distraction sometimes: ) I think for it to be a waste of time you should expect to gain something out of it. For most people, it is just for socialising and leisure. 

I am not a very active user myself though I check what my friends up to all the time and use FB message instead of emails.  

It's a good place for people to express themselves when they have nothing to say.

Facebook, Yesterday, I just register a facebook account for commulicating with other guys over the world. In my point, it is good for making friends. 

either me I wouldnt call it wasting time,cause i communicate with my friends and also my family

  I don't like facebook. Personally, I think that facebook is a trap for the unwary, mainly the younger. Instead of they study more or spend time with their family, they prefer to waste time sending useless messages for their "friends".

  Actually, I've better things to do than to waste time sending messages on facebook.






All social networks can be useful but at the same time is necessary not abuse too much

I like it a lot !

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