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I woke up from the wrong side of the bed.

How would you phrase this in Japanese?


I woke up from the wrong side of the bed and nothing seems to be going right.



My yoga teacher told us that one should get up from the right side (not left one) in order to be healthy, which is digressive from your topic, I know.

Hi Brook,


I could not help but laugh as it was an amusing reply. ^_^ ハハ!面白い返信ですね!「笑」

I think it's not the problem of "wrong" or "good" that "I woke up from the one side of the bed."

We cannot translate the sentences we cannot logically consider well.

So when we change this sentence to "I woke up from the different side of the bed from usual side."

In Japanese, 私はベッドから普段使っていない側から起きました。


Hi :) I think it's: 



Hi Karakara,


That sounds quite right. 良い思います。有難う。

^^ you're welcome 

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