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What things do you consider when deciding to get married??

thanks for share



her character,,,her behaviour with parents and elders.... and her attitude

Frankly speaking, I do not want to get married except that I am pregnant.

Everything is beautiful when sense of uncertainty is kept in our minds.

I think I'll consider that whether I love her or not.And the others will be ignored.

arun  : thanks for share it


brook : thank you for honesty, everyone has their own thoughts and considerations in deciding something in his life. :)

@CJ Hepp   I am on your side.

I think The harmony between us is the most important thing.


Most people were conducted to marriage by different reasons like age, mood or social pressure etc  . As soon as you feel lonely when you are getting older , you would like to have a permanent intimate partner to be with you . More over ,once you saw a very lovely kid which could provoke your instinct , you could eager to hold  such a lovely  handful. It is very hard to define any single reason to tell why they want to marry.

One of my friends told me : if they did not have any kids , they might have divorced already.


The first is love, personally. Love each other, which makes the marriage good.

A man who's adventerous and, like me, obsessed with traveling and exploring the globe. He must be a nature freak, too; I really can't stand a man who doesn't glorfy nature..

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