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Are you proud of the country you were born in, you live in?



yes,i am proud of my Country so much,heh,no reason,just like you love your mother,your family

If so, why?)

That's an interesting question:)


I am not pround of my country because it's where you don't feel free to say you are not pround of it. 


What about you?

The Russian history and culture make me feel happy about being the Russian. I'm really proud of my country. But...there are also many things that I can't accept.

In todays world there are many nationalist and patriotic type of people. I believe it causes more harm than good.

unfortunately, you are right ZaheerisM(( But I hope that people have learned sth from the experience of the 20th centure where there often was no difference between patriotism and nationalism. As the idea of cosmopolitism is widely spreading all over the world, patriotic values may be losing its previous significance. Nevertheless I still believe they are rather important, especially in Russia where the youth often either dislikes Russia and wants to go abroad or distastes foreigners. I don't want you to have a wrong idea about Russians. The overwhelming majority of us are moderately  patriotic, open to other countries, nations etc. But extremes also take place. I'm against it, as you are!

I find there are good and bad things everywhere.

I dont say i m proud of or not.

I am just happy because I am my parent's daughter. It s enough! :)

I agree with you, extremeism in this case is a foolish option, there's no need dislike the place where we are and we should be thankful about it in many aspects and also there's no reason to have any sort of grudge towards somebody simply because they exist at a different location under different conditions than us. When I see the beautiful picture of our planet, I don't see any borders there. Humans created countries and then further broke them into innumnerable peices for their vested self-interests. I wish someday we all break these chains of blind nationalism and come together on one platform without classifying and discriminating each other on regional and racist terms.

it`s very important to distiguish motherland from a state. There is a good saying: "When a state wants someting from you, it pretends to be motherland."

I am not proud of my countries as there are so many things we can do better. That is not indicating my country is not lovely . There are too many nuisances around our society to eradicate .  Sometimes , extremists can bring the society tremendous power to move forward  instead of mired in distress . Some of these visionary figures are courageous to endure the overwhelming pressure from society .Some of our extremists have become so influential politicians whom they were regarded as thought crime decades ago. Gandhi was regarded as a super extremist by UK authority even he is comparatively peaceful.



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