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I want to meeting President Barrack Obama, in my life. do you like?

sir who is very tallen, i know and miss when he start candidate on year 2008, at the Ohio. at the time, he was`t famous, many people in the world never know about Obama. after that, he had told with a lot of people, i impression with his eyes and he was friendly. i feel that he always who sympathize with people. if i am american, i will vote for his, straightway.



Obama is a decent president. I think he has done well but I believe some of his liberal idealogies are completely outragous. He speaks well and the world seems to love him. He is very respecting to other countries and cultures which I am very happy to see. I did like him but, as previously mentioned, his liberal idealogies have caused me to think twice about him. I voted for him in 2008 but did not in 2012. To tell you the truth I don't think Romney was much better.

i think, in 4 year at first term, he had very tried. certainly, 4 year not long time for he could many mark in family American. so that, the second term, he will change American, both the world, you know, economics world have lambency.

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