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Are there any stereotypes about your country and its inhabitants, that irritates you?



Around 2 weeks ago , an American teacher whose parents are taiwanese talked to me :"taiwanese is a little servile" . She tried not to hurt my feeling and saw if I would be vexed , on the contrary , I felt she was so honest to tell me about how she thought .  That time , I gave her utterly positive reply ,  meanwhile ,  I felt so sad as i can do nothing for this plain fact and I cannot change any obsession embedded in taiwanese thinking either. Although most of them are good and honest . They are apt to show their inferiority complex indeed. 

people living in this land were ruled by foreign regime too long to master their future and they are too furtive to be a dominator . So they can do nothing but accept all the organization from upper level. In some way , they are too stale to change current status , they dreamed to keep status quo forever , however, nothing is so unchangeable that no one can guarantee everything remained unchanged . They are fooling themselves all the way , I think it is a fool ...


I think regardless the stereotypes you should try to accept them with irony and show people that you don`t care much about them. I`m sure some generalizations are based on real facts, but .... hey, my bear is trying to steal my balaika, I have to go and stop it! 

Yes, of course!! I'm sure that all the countryes have stereotypes. I live in Catalunya, and we are known for being stingy (I think that it's the correct word): people who isn't generous when they have to lend money to someone. However, It's not true! 

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