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According to Chinese Medicine, eating cold food gets harmful seriously. Do you agree?



If you have other options on your food  , I suggest you not intake too much cold food as possible . I am used to icy , cold food when i feel deadly hot . But I dont think too much cold food is favorable. Too much cold food really cause your immunity impaired or degraded . Our body works like a factory which need warm temperature to support. Keeping your boy in well condition , well temperature is critical for its running . Although western medicine does not give documentary evidence to this theory , western medicine cannot deny enzyme must work in a favorable environment , can they?  Cold food would degrade your physical function indeed , yet, serious harm to your body seems exaggerated. To control the volume of cold food is the best policy .  


I've never heard that cold food could be harmful. Your body does use some energy to heat the food up as it digests it, but certainly no more than it would on a cold day.

Thanks for your different opinions.

In some countries there are dishes that have to be cooled. But I guess no human being would prefer eating cool food on a regular basis.

There are many cold food or drink, for example, ice cream, and Chinese medicine doctors suggest that we should avoid all cold food or there will be water stoped in our body, some kind like that.

During 2004 to 2008, I lived in Taipei, renting a room, one side wall of which was made of seasand.

The Chinese medicine doctor felt my pulse and immediately asked me if there was a huge water case beside my bed.

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