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How to learn English fast


One of the best ways to improve your English is to watch English movies with English subtitles.  Don't worry if you can't understand everything.  Listening to English will help you.  If you are really having problems, google the movie; find out what it's about, then at least you have the general idea.  Sit back and relax.



This can be a good excercise, but there is no shortcut to success, isn't it ?


There's no shortcut, but the journey can be made easier by learning how to listen without having to understand everything.  Enjoy the rhythm and the music of the language.

Yes, to some extent it's good for brushing up the skills. Even I recommended the same to many folks and even the songs on youtube that have got lyrics in the video.


Songs are even better because they use another part of the brain to learn the language.

Thank you for your proposal, I am Frenche and I need to improve my English for my job.

I'm going to cherch many English movies on Internet.

See you


Bonjour Ren!  Search Youtube to see if you can find English programmes with English subtitles.  I am trying to improve my French.  This is what I do sometimes:  I watch an English movie with French subtitles.  I can read French better than I can understand it spoken.  You might want to try to find a French movie with English subtitles.  Doing these different exercises with the brain helps you get into gear.

I'm a native English speaker, but I've been practicing my German listening by watching shows I know well in English. I'm picking up new vocabulary this way.


I find NCIS to be good.  They should have it in German.  They use the same vocabulary, same plots, etc.

i think talking  in english is easy way to learing english  fast ..even if you speak wrong then time to time you will be able to remove your errors by own  ...speaking with some budy in english is the easy way to learn quick  i mean conversation is more importent


Abid, you bring up a good point.  If you have English-speaking people around, talk to them!  Don't worry about your mistakes.  Find someone tolerant.  But if you don't have English-speaking people around, then watching movies in English with subtitles is good substitute.

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