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For those who have learnt the French language,how did you go about it?

Hi everyone :)


I'm looking for tips that people have used to learn the French language and have found to be effective.


What do you think of coffee break French? Any good??


Thanks :)



Hey, I am learning French at the moment by myself, not that I learnt it yet, still beginner but I attended classes at the university for 2 months and beleive me it was totally worth the money and time. Because I got the basics.I had a great native teacher and felt that i learnt what the course aimed to teach.


The other self learning I did was through a language site, called I would definately recommend it. I paid as little as £30 for one year full acces to all the units on the website. each level is organised really well and there are great tools too. It is very motivating and encouraging too as you get a little garden for yourself and it grows, you kind of build it as ou learn and pass each lesson. Sometimes I feel like I am learning French just to see my garden flourish :P:P:P  Check it out and see for yourself. They have trials and free materials to use. Also, gives you the chance to practise with native speakers.

Thank You sour pomegranate, I will definetly check out basuu :) The concept seems motivating- as you learn your garden grows. Thanks!

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