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agriculture is very important?

if you eat, you're involved in agriculture.

agriculture is very important?

im study in agriculture faculty, but sometimes, people think that it not cool

you prefer being a doctor or a accountant.

what u do think about agriculture?



People often just look at the concept of the word, I always walk into wrong ways because of that.

I think it is also interesting nowadays. You can see very interesting things.

We are warned that should not eat a kind of small fish recently. Because of they are at some level food chain. If we eat them too much all may be gone. But we can eat many things, It does not matter to change.

important but it's too hard to be a farmer



I greatly respect farmers.


I live in a big American city.  If there were no farmers, I would starve to death.


I think that being a farmer is one of the most important and honorable jobs there are.


A person should be proud that s/he is a farmer or is involved in the agriculture business.


I plan to buy some avocados and tomatoes at the store today.  I am grateful to the farmers who work hard in the fields in order that we city people can enjoy such things.

The people who grow the food we eat deserve our highest respect.

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