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Collective nouns - how many do you know?

Here's some to get you started:


A herd of cows

A swarm of bees

A colonly of ants

A clutch of eggs

A coven of witches

A gaggle of geese

A flock of birds

A troop of apes

A litter of kittens

A fleet of ships



WOW, thank you. it is very useful. what about porks, wolfs, horses.

A herd of pigs or a herd of swine

A herd of horses

A pack of wolves

A flock of sheep

A school of whales

A pod of dolphins

A college of cardinals


a string of garlic

an archipelago of islands

a cloud ( swarm ) of mosquitoes

a herd of bison or buffalo, a school of fish, a feral cat colony, a litter of puppies, a swarm of locusts (from the King James Bible?)

Hello Chris. Is Cardinal a kind of bird? or Is it something related to Catholic religion?

Alex. Is Locust an insect? like this

It is the same animal than a grasshopper.


Hi Diego, cardinal here refers to the senior prelates within the Catholic church. A locust is a type of grasshoper, but is called a locust when it swarms with others in large numbers.

What about a "plethora" of something. A plethora of choices means, possibly, that there are too many. Is there also the term "locust storm", or not?

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