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Global Warming

What do you think about the responsibility of CO2 in global warming.
Is this true or CO2 has nothing to do with this story? What do you think?




Carbon Dioxide is definitely one of the responsible gases for global warming.  It is not disputed that high levels of concentration of CO2 keep the Earth to warm, and it is one of the reasons we can live on this planet!  The heat coming from the sun bounces off the Earth, and instead of leaving the planet, bounces off the gasses in our atmosphere and makes us warm.  We need the CO2 in our atmosphere, or else we would be like Mars!  Other gasses that keep us warm are water(H2), methane(CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and Ozone (O3).


I think the more common question is "Are humans causing global warming because we are putting so much CO2 into the atmosphere?"  Some people say that this is natural and not our fault.  Some people say humans are doing this and we need to fix it.

Global warming? Nowadays we have new problem! In Russia this year we think that the Europe are going to have a global freezing. 

It's all a hoax! Fabricated by automakers and their crony-capitalist buddies in government so that they can sell hybrid cars! (I have a friend who I think believes something like this.) Have they put audible devices on hybrids and electrics yet, so that the blind will be aware of the their presence?

We must distinguish global warming from anthropogenic (man-made) global warming. I think that it is difficult to assess the reality of the former, and impossible for even our best science and computer models to assess the reality of the latter. Meteorologists cannot even tell you with exactitude what the weather will be next week. I can remember that when I was the age of most of you who will read this, the environmental alarmists were predicting severe global cooling. After the passage of some years, when it appeared it was getting warmer, they changed their message of doom to one of global warming. More recently it has been shown that temperatures have not increased over the last 15 years, so now the alarmists opt to call it “climate change”. I guess the phrase “climate change” covers all the bases, so they can say they’re right no matter what happens.

If increases in the temperature of the earth are not caused by CO2 emmissions from out activities, then what is causing this change? (of course there are those people who state that this temperature change is not factual. I know one personally, a catholic, for whatever that's worth.) One idea that came to me is that a large release of CO2 from us into the atmosphere will not necessarily create an even, homogenous blanket over the Earth, as some people might assume. *Perhaps* (note that word), this is the reason why there are still very cold winters in some places (eastern europe comes to mind), or why some date might seem to contradict the overarching thesis of climate change. I think that the components of the earth and its atmosphere and oceans are almost wholely the same elements and compounds that have been present here since the planet's creation. There are a relatively few rocks (to use a layman's term) which have come from space.

It is my understanding that there are two seperate factors at play in global warming. One is an increase in the CO2 blanket or layer over the earth, which of course traps solar energy. The second is "holes in the ozone layer", which allows more of this energy to penetrate the upper atmospheric layers in the first place. Is my understanding inaccurate?

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