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what does art mean to you

What does art mean to you? What kind of art do you like? Do you visit exhibitions?

I am interested in your answers.




art is our ideas and dreams about our world in the pictures, sculptures so on. I visit different exhibitions and last year I understood that I like to visit the exhibitions of the young artists. They show us our present...........  Kiev has got many interesting exhibitions but I often go to the Pinchuk Art Center.

Thanx Natalia, that's a nice explanation.

In my opinion, art is a way to express your emotion, the way you look at this world and to point your place in this great world. I am interested in such kind of art as theatre and ballet and of course painting! Tretyakovskaya gallery and the Hermitage are the places worth to be seen! You look at this masterpiece and think: My God, it is made by person's hands! You feel really amazed by great pictures. But when you are sitting in the theatre, your feelings are  unspeakable, it is really nervous to feel this atmosphere and wonderful play of actors, but the most important thing is understanding the idea of the performence, it is the chance to think about your way of life, I should point, that I talk about really serious things. not comedies for everybody.

"it is the chance to think about your way of life" is a great statement. For me too, art starts a process

of thinking in new and unknown directions. Thank you.

,,Ohne Musik, die Leben einen Fehler waere sein.'' 


"Without Music, life would be a mistake." - Friedrich Nietzsche.

Art to me is an escape. A way to express my feelings, and inspirations. 

Art is an inspiration, i see art everywhere. Art in drawings, paintings, way people dress, their makeup, hair, the way they speak, etc.

It's very complicated to express, but art is just art. You can find the most boring thing and turn it into something amazing by using art. 


Yes Dina, you're right. Art is everywhere, not only in the exhibitions. We have to learn to have an eye for that.


Art, including music & literature, is food for the human soul.  It's the most effective way to connect you with other people via self-expression and individuality. I like all forms of art...from Caravaggio to a 5 year-old's drawing:)

I don't go to exhibitions very often, but Henri Cartier-Bresson is one of my favorite artists of all time.

Modern German architecture is impressive too! I've very much interested in the history of Bauhaus.

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