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What are some funny stereotypes about people from your country? Not mean, funny.


I'm from the United States. When I went to Spain for vacation, many of the young people there thought I could rap (or "sing" hip-hop). This was because I'm African-American and because I dressed in a similar way to people in the music videos.


A stereotype is a belief (or a thought) about a group of people (in my example, peole from the United States), but that belief may not accurately reflect reality.


Stereotypes can be hurtful or mean, but they can also make us laugh. Can you think of a funny stereotype associated with people from your country?


Tip: If the thought, or stereotype, might make someone upset or made, or even might make you mad, then please do not post it. This is just a discussion question to get people to interact and practice their English writing.


If you are not sure if your comment could hurt someone's feelings then do not post it



Years ago I was in Switzerland on an exchange program and I stayed with a family there. They had bought a big case of Coca Cola and offered me some the first day at breakfast because they thought Americans drank it all the time.


That is funny! Americans do drink soda more than most people (we invented the term "free refills!"), but I understand why that is so funny. Humans are supposed to drink water, and soda should be more like a treat.

Too many people do it the other way around.

Thanks for sharing!

So can you sing hip-hop? :D

I find the crazy accents movies and shows use to depict Australians hilarious! I don't know where that came from.

Every who's travelled to the US says their accents are constantly mistaken for British accents haha


@GaganIrma: Maybe a little ;-)


@Jmat: I had the funniest experience at the 2006 World Cup in Germany relating to what you're explaining. After a few beers with an Englishman I just met, he and I were parting ways and I went "Aussie-Aussie-Aussie!" He got angry with me! Asked "Do I look like a bloody criminal?" lol!

Question: What do you call a person who speaks two languages?

Answer: A bilingual person.


Question: What do you call a person who speaks only one language?

Answer: An American.

@johnapaz Haha that's hilarious. I didn't know it happened the other way around!


1 - That We're indigenous people or we live in constant poverty (like in a Favela)

2 - That we speak or understand Spanish.

3 - That we only have two cities: Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the rest is just the rainforest.

4 - That our women are beautiful and easy and sometimes seen as prostitutes or bitches.

5 - That gunshots are something normal to hear during the day.

6 - That all Brazilians dance Samba and drink Caipirinha.

7 - That we Brazilian men love football.

8 - That the only thing we care about is " Carnval "

9 - That we have wild animals walking around the cities.

10 - That our capital is Buenos Aires.

11 - That every Brazilian has to be dark-skinned

12 - That we walk shirtless everywhere.

13 - That in every city there's a beach.

14 - That monkeys is our main pet.

In my opinions, many people of the peoples who have lived in Taiwan originally (for more than 300 years) are good at singing, dance, and drinking.

However, I can understand not everyone of the originally living peoples of Taiwan is so.

Also, everyone seems to think that we are constantly living our lives avoiding being killed by deadly wild animals!


The funny thing is, the other day I found a Red Back in my wardrobe and a few nights ago I found a pair of kangaroos (one was huge) hopping in the park just across the street.  I only recently moved to Canberra, so I was a little surprised to see them in the middle of the city!

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