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Do you believe in aliens?


How could we be alone in this big universe? It would seem such a waste.


Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets? Why, or why not?



I believe aliens are real because human beings can not be the only owner, I am sure there are different creatures in universe.

What about: do the aliens believe in you?

How could I doubt that if I saw them with my own naked eyes?:) We are people on the planet Earth are rather stupid species who instead of putting our mutual efforts to acquire the knowledge of the Universe just waging wars, chasing for money, killing each other and so on and so further. They are a big difference in comparison.

According to the Linnean classification system, life on earth is divided into two main kingdoms (fauna and flora, obviously). But do we really have the assumption that life elsewhere could be categorized as such? I think Linneaus was Swedish. Albert Linneus or Linneaus I think was his name. Also I think there are some organisms that are not considered to be fauna or flora. Some marine organisms (anenomae, sponges, etc.) and possibly fungi.

Some people say things like, "if there are aliens, they would think very badly of us", or "....want to have nothing to do with us" - We should have some faith in ourselves, no? Human nature is not all bad. Gloomy gus saying this.

If there are aliens then we are aliens too. I don't believe that there are aliens if ever there are possibilities that there are aliens I would believe that they are still human not some scary and weirds creatures just like what we see in movies.

Try to explain the distances involved to anyone who ever states that he or she believes Earth has been visited by extra-terrestrials. I think the closest star (alpha centauri ???) is hundreds if not thousands or millions of light years away. According to Einstein's currently accepted doctrines of physical laws, an object cannot travel faster than the speed of light. Therefore, it would take probably thousands of years for another species to reach our planet. Actually, hundreds of thousands of years, because that is the closest star. I don't know the distances of the stars they've determined to have planets, and more specifically, those planets they think could possibly harbor life. (I think they determined stars have planets by measuring the gravitational pull these planets exert on their mother star, or something similar with light or something)

Yeah, straight demons.

no big NO that's impossible.

There are hundreds of billions of galaxies that currently can be observed (or at least detected), and much more will be discovered; with each galaxy may contains hundreds of billions to trillions of stars, and trillions of planets. If we think that only the Earth-like planets that may have the possibility of life, then rest assured that our Milky Way galaxy alone is estimated to have around two billion of them, plus another sextillion (10^21) in the currently observed galaxies.


I think it's just too arrogant for us humans to just dismissed the possibility of life on other planets, when you can see how vast the universe we've been living on. So yes, I believe there are many extra-terrestrial life on another planets, wherever that is, unless it can be proven otherwise (and how can we possibly do that?).

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