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What is the most popluar "Messenger" in your country?

Hi, everyone.


I wonder that what the most popular "Messenger" is in your country.


I think In My country,south Korea, "Kakaotalk" which is a smart phone app are the most popular.

I don't know what it is only on the internet in Korea.


How about you guys' countries?



Weixin and qq are popular in China :)


Honestly, I am not really sure what is popular, overall, in American when it comes to messanging systems... From what I can see through other applications like Instagram, "kik" is really popular on smartphones. Things like Skype are used too. 

If you have any questions about culture or language, feel free to contant me. I would love to have someone in Korea to talk to and be friends with!

Have a great day!


Perhaps Skype is most popular in Japan, I guess. For smartphone, LINE is becoming popular. 

Mail.Ru Agent is very popular in Kazakhstan.

Hi! Here in the Philippines, a lot of people are using Skype both on their computers and smartphones and of course the Facebook messenger. There's also an increase in the use of Viber, Whatsapp, and Kakaotalk. I personally have all of those messengers installed on my smartphone. 

in hong kong, whatsapp is the most popular and widely used messager. it has cute pic of different facial expressions and easy ways for us to share photos, videos and docs...

Yahoo Messenger was quite popular for sometime in the Philippines I don't know If a lot of people still use it now, but nowadays most of the people I know uses Skype.


in my country its Skype

A lot of people use Facebook messenger here in the United States on their phones or their computers. I believe this is the most common messenger.

Many people used to use AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) but I am not sure if that is common anymore. Skype, and GTalk (the google messenger) are also common. Kakaotalk is also used amongst Korean-Americans and amongst their friends.

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