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Learning languages.

I'm curious, why do many people like to learn many different languages.I have been learning English for eight years, but I'm not proficient in this language.Is it useful to learn many kinds of languages?



I'm learning other languages because it's embarassing to have to force people to speak English when I am in their country! Otherwise I'm just being a stereotype.

It is very useful to speak to a native speaker in the language you are learning. This will allow you to use and understand the language accents. Also it will allow your brain to get use to the language.

I learned all my languages through speaking to natives and asking questions and copying their way of speaking.

I consider it rude to not be able to speak the language of the country you go to. That is why I plan to learn Croatian(learning right now), Bulgarian, Polish, and Lithuanian.

I experienced the same. I admire people who speak 2-3 languages (any level) and learn other 2-3. That is amazing! :)

Honestly, if you're not going to go to a place where the language is spoken and it's not for purely academic purposes, then the only reason is just for fun. Right now I'm learning Russian and Swahili for basically no reason whatsoever except I don't feel like just speaking a language with spelling this stupid. 

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