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Movie 'Untouchables' (2001)

Let's give it a go for this week. I have seen the movie shelved in the supermarkets. Purposely, I did not read any of the synopsises. 


Give me your reviews ;)


This is the link to the cover of the movie for you not to confuse with any other:


Thank you, Irma, for the idea ;)


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Very good, Katya! We are so active on the movie-club these days, I hope we don't stop. ;) I also searched for the movie online and found an Arabic subtitle to it. I will watch it soon. :)

How wonderful to find someone changing your life and making you happy! It's the second time to watch a French movie, and I always hear that French cinema is not that good one, but here I have changed my mind. It was really wonderful and touching movie!


I, very much, liked the part when Driss had left Felip, and seen the changing that happened in Felip's life - he totally missed the change that Driss has made in his life. And even when another person came to do Driss's job, he failed to do this.


I thought that the end would be normal, I didn't expect it, but Felip met his love at the end, and that's made me love the end.


One thing I didn't like in the movie; the Arabic translation was very horrible! :D They didn't translate every thing, so I didn't get why felip was paralyzed, and who was the woman that Driss was living with? :DDD

And do you think it's that easy thing to find that person like Driss, who could change our life? :)

Thanks, Irma, for the movie!

I tried to comment here yesterday but I couldn't, I think today finally!


Shaimaa - Now you were really quick to see the movie, I'm very glad, you should try watching it now with English subtitles, I bet you would get more than with those incomplete Arabic subtitles. I will tell you why he was paralyzed, remember when they went gliding (flying)? Philippe had an accident, he fell from a glider and ended up like that, but he was not alone, he was with his wife, who was his daughter's mother. Sadly she died and he ended up like that. Of course this is why Driss was so scared to go gliding like that :D

The woman Driss was living before was his Aunt, like a godmother that helped him come to France  from Sudan and those were children Driss grew up with that also came from Sudan, so he felt like an elder brother to that bunch of kids, of course he wanted to help them to have a better future but one of them was hanging out with Bad Guys, so Driss helped him too.


"Sometimes you have to reach into someone else's world to find out what's missing in your own"


I just really liked this movie, I'm very glad you liked it too Shaimaa.... I hope our dear Katya also liked it too :)))


Ladies, to tell you the truth.... I have just finished to watch 'Untouchables', it was with Kevin Costner, Sean Connery and Robert de Niro. When the torrent gave me the link to the movie I made sure it was a correct one (it was with the correct cover and description), but it wasn't the right movie in the end. :)))) I watched a different one..... :))))))))))))) I need a working link, please.  

Irma and Shaimaa, why did not you tell me that the movie called 'Intouchables'? :) I have found it. 

"Untouchables" is the English translation to "Intouchables" in French, right Irma? :D

Irma: Thank you so much for the explanation! Now, I got the missed parts I didn't understand in the movie. :)

Shaimaa, you are right, untouchables is the English translation :))

Let's wait for Katya's comments on the movie, I really hope she likes it ;)

Ladies, I have found the movie (thank you 'invisible' but very close to my heart friend :)) I will start watching today :) 

Do you know 'invisible friends', dear Katya? :D

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