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Do you believe <love



Yeap! I believe it!

Because we live in a world filled with love.

We can feel more happy.

I think, love is like spirits and gods that exist if you believe in them and that do not exist if you believe not.


In my humble opinion, love is the feeling that could not appear suddenly, this is the thing that grew year by year, and it certainly exist.

Yes, I believe love does exist.  However, some people just cannot see it even love is just around.


Thank you for your answer! LOVE is a good things in the world .Everybody should believe it

I agree with GGM comment with love.  There is not just one definition.  You may  hold various   significance in different way, different time and different subjects . It is very hard to define love in simple words so be cautious to "I love you" because it takes diverse implications. 

yes, why not. 

like the lyric said'sometimes it last in love, but sometimes it hurts instead'. I believe that I broke up with the Mr. Wrong, and now I have chance to find my Mr. Right.

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